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Assessment solution for peripheral neuropathies

The Mediracer® NCS is used for measuring sensory and motor nerve conduction from peripheral nerves. The measured data can be utilized in diagnosing and evaluating systemic and entrapment neuropathies. Current application allows examination of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome related median nerve entrapment and ulnar nerve entrapment at the elbow. The tests are performed using disposable adhesive surface electrodes. Test results can be used to determine if the finding is abnormal and to grade the severity of the nerve entrapment.

Mediracer® NCS solution includes Mediracer® NCS-device, electrodes, cables, charger and analysis software for PC, as well as built-in introduction and training modules.

The consultancy service


Organizations are able to buy interpretation from local doctors who are part of the Consultancy Service. Alternatively organizations can buy interpretation directly from us if local doctors are not available.


Neurophysiology consultants who are willing/interested in joining our Consultancy Service can create their own network in local area to give interpretation to patients.

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Related studies and guidelines

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Plenty of advantages - no downsides



Highly cost-effective nerve conduction examination. Savings can be as high as 70% compared to the traditional NCS.



Easy-to-use solution for any medical staff, no special skills needed.



Fastest process with immediate confirmation of the existence and severity of the condition during first visit.



Only non-invasive surface electrodes are used.



Reliable method confirmed by clinical studies; sensitivity 94% and specificity 98%.


Consultancy service

The service allows organizations to order specialist interpretation and gives doctors opportunity to diagnose patients locally.

Seven simple steps

procedure image

1. Hands are washed

Proper washing is necessary for accurate test results.

procedure image

2. Attach the registration electrode

The registration electrode is attached to the wrist.

procedure image

3. Attach the stimulation electrode

The stimulation electrode is first attached to the ring finger.

procedure image

4. Begin the test

Relax the arm. The electrodes are then plugged into the device. Find the stimulation level and begin the test.

procedure image

5. Test the index finger

Repeat the testing procedure for the index finger.

procedure image

6. Test the little finger

Repeat the testing procedure for the little finger.

procedure image

7. Instant test results

The test results are analyzed locally or over a secure internet connection. Diagnosis will be ready during your visit.

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