Reliable, affordable and easyFast carpal tunnel syndrome assessment and verification

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Reliable, affordable and easyFast carpal tunnel syndrome assessment and verification

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Reliable, affordable and easyFast carpal tunnel syndrome assessment and verification

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What is it?

A toolkit for diagnosing and evaluating systemic and entrapment neuropathies

Mediracer® NCS is hand held device for fast, cost-effective and easy diagnosis tool for measuring sensory and motor nerve conductions. Mediracer® NCS requires only a short training to operate and easy to use analysis software makes the examination process straightforward. The handset is simple and intuitive to use and the electrodes are designed and shaped to ensure easy and correct attachment. The tests are performed using disposable adhesive surface electrodes. Test results can be used to determine if the finding is abnormal and to grade severity of the nerve entrapments. We also offer option for Consultancy Service which allows organizations to order diagnosis and gives doctors opportunity to diagnose patients locally. The Mediracer® NCS is intended to measure sensory and motor nerve conduction from peripheral nerves, but it is used mainly to perform CTS* and UNE** tests. The diagnostic method is sensitive (94%) and specific (98%) compared to the conventional nerve conduction studies performed by a specialist when detecting Median nerve entrapment. *Carpal tunnel syndrome **Ulnar nerve entrapment at the elbow

The Product

Who's making it?

A company with a mission

Mediracer® Ltd was founded in 2002 to develop Point of Care products in the field of clinical neurophysiology for patient examinations adapted to the needs of primary health care. Our mission is to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for examination of the most common peripheral nerve disorders. To fulfill our visions we are working in close collaboration with neurophysiology experts and our solutions are based on clinical studies. Quality of our solutions are proven by ISO 13485 standard and CE mark.

About Us

Mediracer® NCS is the best choice. Here's why:

Who do you represent?

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Easy to use

Mediracer® NCS is simple and intuitive to use. Electrodes are shaped to make it easy to place them correctly and inclusive training is provided by Mediracer® Service Center.

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Clinically proven

Reliability and accuracy of Mediracer® NCS is clinically proven in studies conducted by neurophysiology experts.

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Consultancy service

By joining our consultancy service you can make yourself more reachable to clients near you.

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Very fast

Examination will only take 10 minutes.

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Only non-invasive disposable surface electrodes are used.

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Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the most common nerve entrapment in the upper limb with the incidence of over 3% in the population.

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Small, compact set of instruments that come with continued support after purchase. Satisfied customers with a swift and efficient patient treatment path.

Quality Details
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Real moneysaver

There is no question about it, our product will save you money. Savings can be as high as 70% compared to the traditional NCS.

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Remote expert diagnosis

The device can be used without intensive training or degrees in neurophysiology. A neurophysiologist can make the diagnosis remotely over a secure internet connection.

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Mediracer NCS has been well received globally

A speedy process

After starting to use mediracer NCS our upper limb nerve entrapment patients have been able to get into examination in under a week, sometimes even in the next day.

Birgitta Ojala

Manager at Tullinkulman Työterveys

Very unique

I found Mediracer NCS very unique and something new in Japanese medical market at the first sight…

Ryoichi Kita

CEO of MP Japan

Reliable and fast diagnosis?

Yes, it's possible! The study takes just 10 minutes

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