Mediracer® NCS Device

Handheld, fast, cost-effective and easy diagnosis tool for measuring sensory and motor nerve conduction. 

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Mediracer® NCS

Diagnosing and monitoring for CTS and DPN

Sensitive and Spesific

Proven solution for nerve conduction study 


Reliable, fast and easy to use


Save time with low-cost investment

Nerve conduction study

Assessment Solutions

A toolkit for diagnosing and evaluating systemic and entrapment neuropathies

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Assessment Solutions

Over 15 Years

Mediracer Ltd was founded in 2002 to develop Point of Care products in the field of clinical neurophysiology for patient examinations.

The target was to develop reliable and cost-effective products for the examination of the most common neurophysiological disorders.

Mediracer® NCS

Quality of our solutions

Are proven by ISO 13485 standard (VTT-C-12332-60-18) and CE mark (VTT-C-11550-01-1102-578-16).

Mediracer has entered the US market after the FDA 510(k) review for premarket notification for the Mediracer® NCS system was successfully completed (SE).


What is it?


Mediracer® NCS is hand held device for fast, cost-effective and easy diagnosis tool for measuring sensory and motor nerve conductions.

Mediracer® NCS requires only a short training to operate and easy to use analysis software makes the examination process straightforward. The handset is simple and intuitive to use and the electrodes are designed and shaped to ensure easy and correct attachment.

The tests are performed using disposable adhesive surface electrodes. Test results can be used to determine if the finding is abnormal and to grade the severity of the nerve peripheral neuropathy.

We also offer an option for Consultancy Service which allows organizations to order diagnosis and gives doctors the opportunity to diagnose patients locally.

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