Mediracer entered to the Japanese Market in autumn 2013 in co-operation with a local distributor, MP Japan Co. Ltd. After two years of careful preparation, Mediracer Ltd achieved the registration of foreign manufacturer accreditation certification, certification of manufacturing/marketing of designated controlled medical devices for Mediracer NCS and local reimbursement by Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Thanks to the efforts of MP Japan, Japanese customers showed their interest in this new type of nerve conduction system. The first systems were delivered to our new Japanese customers in 2013.

Advantages for Various Users

Mediracer NCS, the handheld electrodiagnostic device is easy to carry, simple to operate and accurate. It provides a useful way of detecting certain nerve entrapments. Mediracer believes that this Point of Care solution may suit many of the outpatient clinics in Japan. So far Mediracer has found that private clinics, who do not own nerve conduction or EMG facilities show the most interest in utilizing the Mediracer. Hospitals are also interested in purchasing a Mediracer to use as a second electrodiagnostic device within their outpatient clinics. Mediracer Point of Care solution provides several advantages for our users.

Seeking the Opportunities

Since Mediracer NCS was launched to the Japanese market, Mediracer has been working on further localization in order to meet customer’s needs more closely. Mediracer Ltd is co-operating with our distributor, MP Japan, to develop business and clinical opportunities within the Japanese market. Mediracer’s Finnish medical advisory team is playing a key role in these developments.

Prospective 2014

Mediracer aims to establish a strong presence in the medical industry in 2014. MP Japan is putting their efforts into marketing the Mediracer NCS to the most relevant customer groups. Mediracer NCS will be exhibited at MP Japan’s booth at the medical congresses. The second quarter of 2014 offers various exhibition opportunities, such as congress of surgery of the hand, occupational health, diabetes, neurological therapeutic, orthopedics and dialysis therapy. MP Japan has been organizing clinical demonstrations and strengthening the sales force in their business network.

MP Japan Co., Ltd.

MP Japan is a well established importer of high quality medical devices and has supplied the Japanese market since 1990. The company specializes in preventive medicine, sport medicine, rehabilitation, neurology and has a wide customer base from national university hospitals, medical institutions, research institutions to private clinics. MP Japan’s MP stands for “medical partner” which is a concept they are proud to take very seriously.