Mediracer UK Ltd, a subsidiary of Mediracer Oy (Finland), was established in August 2010. Prior to this, Mediracer’s products had been distributed in the UK by another company. Mediracer products have been in the UK market for over 7 years. Mediracer UK Ltd has built its business across many healthcare sectors. Mediracer UK Ltd supplies customers within Secondary Care, Primary Care, Private Practices, Private Hospitals, Occupational Health, Industrial and Manufacturing Sectors.

Practical Advantages for Users

Mediracer NCS, the handheld electrodiagnostic device is portable and simple to operate. It provides a quick and accurate way of measuring certain peripheral nerve entrapments, predominantly carpal tunnel syndrome. The key advantage our customers find when using Mediracer NCS is one of time management. They can test where and when they need to and have access to consultant neurophysiologist reports from all of the locations from which they work.

New Opportunities

Since Mediracer NCS was launched into the UK Market our customers have been helping the company drive innovation and product development. We work closely with our customers and they have helped to develop new applications for the Mediracer NCS. These developments include testing for ulnar nerve entrapments at the elbow. Mediracer UK Ltd has also supported our customers to deliver innovative pathways of delivering diagnostic service to their patients. This has allowed our customers to provide high standards of care in sectors that traditionally had difficulties accessing neurophysiological services and to go on to provide quick access to all the treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome, often within a primary care setting.

2014 and Beyond

Mediracer UK Ltd will continue to develop its business within the UK in 2014. As is usual, we will be working on a wide variety of commercial, clinical and educational ventures. All new ideas will be welcomed, we encourage our customers to help us to develop all aspects of our company, from the product range right through to our customer service and clinical support.